Learn Web Intelligence Report Development

Learn Web Intelligence Report Development

A step-by-step training course for learning how to develop reports with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

We plan on launching the course in August 2016.

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The most complete, step-by-step course for learning how to develop business-ready Web Intelligence reports.

We get it. You want step-by-step details. You want actionable tips and strategies taught by seasoned professionals. You want course exercises that reinforce topics using real-world examples and scenarios.

And you want all of this in a package that you can progress through at your own pace, and utilize as a job aid when developing reports in your own environment.

Okay, this sounds great!
But what exactly is covered in the course?

(We're really glad you asked.)

You can access our course 24/7/365 through any web browser. And you'll have it forever. Purchase it once, and refer back to it as you begin developing your own reports.

Our course consists of:

  • Detailed, HD screencasts that cover all the core features of Web Intelligence
  • Course exercises that reinforce the theory with real-world scenarios
  • Exercise solution videos that you can view if you get "stuck"
  • Access to a live instructor (Premium Course)

We put together a comprehensive curriculum that's geared towards getting you started quickly. And while we designed it to have a natural progression as you increase your Web Intelligence skillset, the more adventurous among you can pick and choose the modules that interest you the most.

Module 3 - The Web Intelligence Environment
Module 18 - Web Intelligence Rich Client (optional)

With our Premium Course, you'll also receive free access to a live instructor during weekly "Office Hours!"

Each week we'll host an "Office Hours" web session with a member of the Altek Solutions Education team. We'll answer your questions, talk you through any issues you're having with Web Intelligence, and do everything we can to make sure you get results!

You get the best of both worlds: a complete and intuitive training course that you can refer back to again and again plus access to an experienced instructor to help fill in the blanks!

Can't make it? No problem! We'll be recording each session.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the course expected to launch?
We're working hard to make sure all of our content is just right before we open the doors. We plan to launch to a small set of beta users in April 2016, and officially open the course to everyone in May 2016. Want to be a beta tester? Email us and let us know!
Is there a 100% money back guarantee?
Absolutely - go through the entire course for a full 30 days. Use everything. If for some reason you don't love the course, just shoot us an email and we'll get you a full refund. No questions asked. We're easy :)
Do I have to go through the entire course at once?
Great question. We designed this course to get you started with developing Web Intelligence reports quickly. Once you feel comfortable with the tool, feel free to jump around to the topics that interest you and that are most pertinent to your role. Since you'll have access to the course forever, you can always refer back to topics as you need to.
Does this course just teach theory, or will we see how to use Web Intelligence in "real world" applications?
We know where you're coming from. While theory is important, we think it's equally important to learn how to apply what you've learned. That's why we have an entire module dedicated to common reporting scenarios. Plus, our course was developed by consultants who use Web Intelligence every day to develop reports...so it's filled with techniques that you can apply right away.
What if I don't have access to a Web Intelligence server environment?
If that's the case, then Module 20 is your friend. We walk you through how to set up a learning environment using free trial software from SAP, and we provide all the other content that you need to do the course exercises. It's a great way to acquire skills to prepare for career advancement.
I'm looking to get my entire department trained to use Web Intelligence. Do you offer group discounts?
Absolutely! Let us know what you have in mind, and we'll get you a quote.
How much does the course cost?
We haven't finalized a price for the course yet, but we will say that it will be a much better value than other Web Intelligence training offerings currently on the market.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we have a very attractive Affiliate Program for individuals or companies who would like to refer students to our training courses. Email us for more information.

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